RapidFor™ SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Kit

RapidFor™ SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Professional Use - 3in1)

The colloidal label is a tool used by the RapidFor™ SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Professional Use) to detect SARS-CoV-2 antigen in the collected nasopharyngeal, nasal, and oropharyngeal specimens.


– Easy to use and read
– No extra lab equipment
– Variant Detection [B.1.1.7 (Alpha), B.1.351 (Beta), E484K mutation, B1.617.2 (Delta), P.1 (Gamma), C.37 (Lambda), B.1.1.529 (Omicron) ]
– Early phase detection
– Easy to store and transport

Box Content

– Test Cassette
– Swab
– Extraction Buffer
– User Manual

Product Ref. No Pack Size Pcs/ Carton Pcs/ Euro Palette Carton Size Euro Palette Size
RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test (3in1) VSCD02-5 1 Box / 5 Pc. 500 6000 71x54x36 80×120
RapidFor™ Rapid Antigen Test (3in1) VSCD02-25 1 Box / 25 Pcs. 1000 20000 58x45x43 100×120