Rapid Test Manufacturing

The test kits we produce for general control purposes include Medical, Drug, Cancer, and COVID tests.

R&D Products

We make every effort to ensure that the rapid tests that are in production and in the research phase by our company reach the end user.

Point Of Care Tests

You can check your cancer, hormone and infection values with our rapid antigen and antibody test kits.

We Care
About Your Health

As Biosein Biotechnology, we care about human health. Since 2010, we have been following the growing in-vitro diagnostic products and putting them into production together with our R&D employees who are experts in their work. We also provide quality mass production and fast logistics opportunities due to our geographical location and region. Diasinoâ„¢ brand, which manufactures point of care test devices, has been contracted. Biosein Biotechnology has acquired the distributorship network and sales rights in Turkey.


Global distributor network

50 +

Country Approval

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Partner Company

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Total Tests

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